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Is a Smart Pool Right For You?

As modern technology evolves, the experience of owning a pool evolves with it. While smart pools may not be totally ubiquitous just yet, they are gaining popularity in the Nowra region, all over Australia, and all over the globe. Especially for families who want the experience of having a large, private swimming pool but who…

Nowra Local Pools and Spas The popularity of lap pools

Lap Pools: Why are they so popular?

In recent years, many major cities in Australia and around the world have found themselves with a bit of a space problem. It’s no surprise, then, that people have fallen in love with small scale pools. Choosing a small pool over a full sized pool enables homeowners who might not otherwise have the space for…

Pool Owners Advice_Alternatives to Swim Spas

Swim Spa Alternatives

Many Australians now choose to install swim spas in their backyards. These flexible, convenient designs have a variety of benefits for the user – but are they always the most sensible and practical choice looking forward into the future? Here we take a look at the pros and cons of swim spas.